Small freshwater aquariums in your home or business.

Bring the beauty of an aquascape to your business or living space.
I will come set-up and perform follow-up visits to ensure your tank is running smoothly.

The art of Nature

Modern aquscaping owes its birth to Takashi Amano, film-photographer, author and father of aquatic art. I follow in the belief that fish and other creatures are merely the "supporting cast" in an aquarium.

Join in the joy of aquascaping.

Choose a style, plants, creatures...

Freshwater tanks come in all types. I specialize in five and ten gallon freshwater tanks that require very little upkeep. You can spend more time enjoying the scenery and less time cleaning and maintaining. There are many options for aquascapes that require almost no upkeep at all. With this approach in mind, my tanks feature plant-life, snails and shrimp. This arrangement allows for minimal disturbance of the aquascape and the creatures inside it.

I can help you find a good solution whether you're looking for a docile and zen-like layout or you'd like a lively planted tank with lush vegetation and a vibrant community of shrimp and snails.

Aquascapes can feature rocks, beautiful driftwood, stones or simply be thriving with greenery. If you dream it up, I can create it.

Fluval Chi Planted Tank

It's not a fish-tank, it's an aquascape.

As much as we'd like to deny it, we're all too busy for the things that really matter, anymore. Many of us don't have time to feed even the fish. A planted tank brings the nostalgia of childhood fishtanks, the beauty of water and aquatic plants, atmospheric light and color to a room.
Create a healthy and vibrant biosphere in your living space and begin a journey you'll never forget.

Snails and Shrimp

Everyone had a goldfish, growing up -- a cloudy tank (or bowl) with no oxygen, no filter, no plants, no character, just a sad little goldfish swimming around in its own poop. Or, maybe you were an avid aquarist and just don't have the time anymore. A small aquascape is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to discover or rediscover the beauty of aquatic nature.

Take it to the next level and create a biosphere built to handle tons of tiny creatures who are not only healthy, but happy. Shrimp, snails and plants are the perfect combination for a low-tech, thriving environment.

Most shrimp require no feeding if settled in a nicely-planted tank. Occasionally, you can supplement their diet, but in the right conditions, they can thrive off of algae other ground material.

Snails, the second part of your "cleanup crew." Snails can eliminate algae and eat detritus, including rotting plant material. They will eat plants too, so don't be surprised to see some definite leaf-removal.

Together, snails and shrimp can make a great community tank that has the ability to sustain itself for a long time.

I can create any type of setting for you.

If you're looking for a "set-it-and-forget-it" type of tank, no problem. A tank with plants only will be fine as-is. You can always add shrimp and snails later if you want to liven the place up.

A planted tank with shrimp and snails is quite simple, but be careful as you might find yourself wanting more!

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There's an aquascape for everyone.